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A Subtle Understanding of Waking Perception

Tatiana Musi, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Ranchor Prime, Paul Shepard

Independent Edition

128 pp.
ISBN: 978-607-00-6722-8

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This book is a sort of diary recounted through images of Tatiana Musi’s experiences during two months in the state of Kerala, in the south of India. The aim was to understand and experiment nature through intuition and perception. Noting the changes she underwent from living and dialoguing with nature and noting the healing effect and letting this be her creative guide. The book includes more than anything else paintings, accompanied by personal notes, the preface written by Dr. Robert Svoboda, an essay of the sociologist Roland Playle and an interview with the naturalist and botanist Anand Gopinath.

During this trip there were some books that accompanied her that were greatly influential:
– Metamorphosis of Plants, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
– The Secret Teachings of Plants, Stephen Harrod Buhner
– Hinduism and Ecology, Ranchor Prime
– The Only World We Have, Paul Shepard

Tatiana Musi graduated from the SFAI. She is a painter and performer. She explores territories in relation to nature and bodily conscience. Nomad life, with projects in Siberia and in the D.F. Solo shows: Syilova Gallery, Suecia; Instituto Cervantes, Nueva Delhi; Jardín Botánico, Barcelona; Clauselito en Museo CDMX. Founded/co-directed the Gallery Yautepec 2007-09. She published the artist’s books Transparencias (Transparencies) published by Malaletra and A Subtle Understanding of Waking Perception about understanding nature through intuition.