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B to B

Brenda Moreno

82 pp.
ISBN: 9788894188226

  • 32.00 USD

B to B is a cyclical journey about the family of Brenda Moreno and those who’s not but claims to be able to chose it. A journey about the roles we play in the shelters we met and how these, at the same time, help to solve things that don’t seem to work in our immediate environment but we modify over time. A journey concerning memory, the patterns we repeat, what we reflect in the Other, the passing of time, the dreams and ideas that build our identity. It combines photographs in half format and fragments as a collage, workbooks where the process is structured, and where the discards and errors join together in the same process to give the shape of a project.

This book was part of the Dummy Award of the Fever Photobook Festival in Centro Cibeles in Madrid in 2016.