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Estar los unos con los otros (4 book compendium)

Paola Santoscoy, Marcio Harum

576 pp.

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SITAC XI will reflect on the notion of community. The word-phrase that entitles this edition comes from an idea developed by French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy in his book Être singulier pluriel (Being Singular Plural, 1969), and works here as a trigger to approach different relations and associations between social and cultural phenomena, as well as artistic practices. His essays are devoted to separate ‘singular’ from the individuality, and the politics of being autonomous. According to Nancy, “… The being has no meaning, but the “being itself”, the phenomenon of “being” is meaning that is in turn its own circulation –and we are this circulation.”

Participants: Miguel A. López, Mario Bellatin, Pablo Lafuente, Mónica Amieva, Daniela Castro, Candice Hopkins, Fernando Palma, Public Movement , Alhena Katsof, Alexandre Maubert, Maria Chehonadskih, Tobi Maier, Jean Luc Nancy, Emiliano Valdés, María Berrios, Tony Chakar, Lucía Sanromán, Georg Gugelberger, Marko Stamenkovic, María del Carmen Carrión, José Arnaud-Bello, Manuela Moscoso, Övül Durmusoglu, .PIC , Asta Vaicuilyte, Matthew Rana, Sofie Van Loo, Vladimir Safatle.