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Decó Lottery

Blair Richardson

Little Mule Studio


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Around the turn of the 20th century, European influences were strong in Mexico City and the Art Deco style flowered in neighborhoods around the center of town. Lotería Deco is a game based on the architectural details and the design of this moment in history that has been recorded through a series of walks through the city. Window bars, patterned tiles, architectural adornment and balcony handrails, created by artisans and designers during this flowering era, offer a rich catalogue of visual delights to be found along the lengths of the streets of Roma, Condesa and the Historic Center.

Each player receives one or more boards. A caller selects a card at random and describes the pattern to the other players. The players with a pattern that matches this design mark it on their board with a bean. To win, the first player to complete their board must call: “Lotería!”.

The game was printed by hand on our antique Vandercook moving type printing press in Mexico City.

Blair Richardson is a graphic designer based in Mexico City. Her business, Little Mule Studio, specializes in brand-names, print, signs and digital design projects for clients in the United States and Mexico. Previously, Blair had learned to print with a moving type print in Yee-Haw Industries in Knoxville, Tennessee. Afterwards, she spent several years working with Lowell Williams, the artistic director of the international design consultancy Pentagram. In Mexico City you are likely to find her walking around the printing presses, looking for unexpected inspiration.