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Do, Flex, Test. Dialogues Between Makers

Daniel Charny, Mario Ballesteros, Marcela Armas and Gilberto Esparza, Something & Son, José de la O, ATEA, MAKLab, Studio O Portable, Lupe Toys, Cocolab, GRAS Studio.


156 pp.
ISBN: 978-607-96255-3-5

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The new world-wide awareness of the power of making has led to an interest in exploring the myriad of creative possibilities offered in the world of makers. Do, Flex, Test. Dialogues Between Makers is a publication offering a window to design production processes that are understood from the dynamics and perspectives of the maker.

Creating a bridge from the maker’s movement with the work of the Italian designer Enzo Mari in the 1970s, the publication presents eleven artists and designers from the United Kingdom and Mexico and contributes to the reflection on an attitude, a trend in design, a movement and a dizzying development of makers in the present moment.

Do, Flex, Test is a project of the design curator Regina Pozo, edited by Buró–Buró, thanks to the open possibilities of collaboration by the Consejo Británico and the framework provided by Año Dual México-Reino Unido 2015.

Regina Pozo is an independent curator in Mexico City interested in cultural interpretations through design and architecture.