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El libro rojo del Putumayo

N. Thomson & Co

153 pp.
ISBN: 9789585924123

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In 1912 was made public one of the greatest genocides of Peruvian and Colombian history, this episode became known as “The scandals of the Putumayo”. A genocide that took the death of thirty thousand inhabitants of the Amazon in only twelve years. The Putumayo is a region located in the present border between Peru and Colombia and was in litigation during many years. First, there was a pacific coexistence but in 1907 complaints about exploitation at the Peruvian Amazon Company began. This company captured and enslaved the peoples from the jungle regions, using their work for free. On March 17, 1912, the report known as the “blue book” was published. In 1913, the “red book” was. Through interviews and photos, both publications documented  the genocide against native populations caused by the persistence of the rubber extractor companies.

The publication we present here is a facsimile edition of The Red Book of Putumayo, first published in 1913.