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Erizo 1

Varios autores

256 pp.
ISBN: 9780692825891

  • 21.00 USD

A Journal of the Arts is a bilingual publication of new poetry and visual art from the Americas.

“In this first issue of Erizo, we aimed to represent a range of practices emerging from various national contexts. We introduced poets and translators from across the continent to each other, and we asked them to work together. Often, the translators were unfamiliar with the poets they had agreed to translate. The poets placed their trust in the process.

Contributing visual artists collaborated with us to develop new work or to redevelop existing, unpublished work. In creating Extractions from the Stone of Madness, Alejandra Prieto moved from producing monolithic sculptures using minerals extracted from Chile’s landscape to creating on a smaller, human scale, relating the intimate landscapes of lithium and mental illness. Fernando Palma’s images are excerpts from Inemeli in coyotl ihuan icihua in cemechin and Kittenmiow in the country of the flags, two erotic stories the artist has developed over the past twenty years using the Mendosa and Borges Condezes, melding hieroglyphic Nahuatl with his personal visual language.

We hope that you will enjoy!”

— Nika Chilewich and Aron Chilewich (Erizo Editors)



CONTRIBUTORS: Daniel Saldaña París, Gladys González, Héctor Hernández Montecinos, Jane Gregory, Jessica O.Marsh, Mónica de la Torre, Natasha Tiniacos, Ricardo Cázares, Will Alexander, Fabiola Menchelli, Fernando Palma, Alejandra Prieto, DINO DINCO, Kandis Williams, Joshua Edwards, Lizzie Davis, Katherine Hedeen, Tatiana Lipkes, Román Luján, Will Fesperman, Bikini Wax.