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Escuela de Garaje vol. Intemperie

Varios Autores


200 pp.
ISBN: 978-958-48-1679-5

  • 15.00 USD

Escuela de Garaje vol. Intemperie (Garage School. Outdoor Volume) takes as a reference the third one-year performance by Tehching Hsieh. During this time he did not enter buildings or shelters of any kind, including cars, boats or tents. He moved around New York City with a backpack and a sleeping bag. The Garage School adopted this performance as a methodology during eight Saturdays in Bogotá.

The fourth version of Garage School is another moment in an ongoing research project; a contingent map, result of the encounters on the territory of art + education; a topography constructed and transformed as we live in and travel through it with the others. In this case, the established rule of staying outdoor allowed to propose a spatial pedagogy, more specifically, a public spatial pedagogy.

Laagencia is an office for art projects that nurtures the research and processes on art+education, and stimulates the debate about artistic and instituent practices, experimenting and proposing different strategies and work methodologies for mediation formats, collaborative public programs, self-publication intelligences and alternative ways of doing with others. Through its current research and open program ‘’Escuela de Garage’’ (Garage School), Laagencia aims to give visibility to a larger number of local, national and international initiatives and interests that inquire into different ways of knowledge production, and its channels of circulation. The project is conformed by five artists, there is no power structure, they are all directors, producers and participants.