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Fábrica de Conocimiento – Escuela de Garaje

Juan Cardenas, Manel Quintana, Manila Santana, María Camila Sanjinés, Gregory Sholette, Éricka Flórez, Mónica Restrepo, Loreto Alonso, Leonardo Herrera, Miguel Huertas, Martha Rosler, Victor Albarracín, Monica Hoff, Patricia Raijenstein, Selu Herraiz, Jorge Barco, María Elena Ronderos, Bryner Huertas, CArlos Edwin Rendón, Boris Terán, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, María Angélica Madero, Lucas Ospina


496 pp.
ISBN: 978-958-46-7738-9

  • 28.00 USD

This book was published in the occasion of the 15th Salón Regional de Artistas, Downtown Area, Escuela de Garaje, produced and curated by La Agencia from June 30 to September 19, 2015.

Dismissing any type of hierarchy, the edition is divided into three sections: Varied Theories, a selection of existing relevant texts both in the curatorial conceptualization and execution, and another unedited texts, commissioned openly to participants. The “Do it with others” section is a compilation of exercises translated by Escuela de Garaje with the purpose of being replicated, practiced with others and transformed. Finally, an appendix in poster format, a glossary as an exercise of speculation where a series of concepts used during the working sessions are re-signified and, as a whole, constitutes a diagram of La Fábrica del conocimiento, the name of the project (Factory of Knowledge).