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History of The World

Eduardo Sarabia

Mousse Publishing joségarcía ,mx

32 pp.

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History of the world is comprised by ten oil paintings based on familiar events and everyday life of the artist Eduardo Sarabia. While reinterpreting photographies as oil paintings, he interrupts the reading of the shapes and the landscape using abstract marks that simultaneously redefine the space inside the composition. The book also includes an introductory section that shows the iconography of the drawings used on the surface of artists’ ceramic work (vases and plates). Sarabia’s drawings deal with contemporary issues referring to his mexican legacy meanwhile parodying the cultural clichés that surround illegal trafficking, illegal commerce and male chauvinism (from provocative women to marihuana leaves and automatic weapons), as well as folkloric traditional decorations (rooster, goat and fauna).

Essays by Benjamin Godsill & Patrick Charpenel.