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Housetypes #1 – 21 Axonometrics

Alessandro Arienzo

Independent Edition

58 pp.

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Housetypes Collection is a series of 5 books. It is a project that explores the relationship between architectural representation and its emotional significance. Through graphics, it seeks both visual richness and an ethical framework for thought.

This publication is a study of architectural representation applied to 21 variables of Greek vernacular houses. These axonometrics are constructed based on 4 of their own rules to turn this tridimensional language into an even more abstract one.

Alessandro Arienzo is an architect who graduated with honors from the Iberoamericana University. After working with Mauricio Rocha and Frida Escobedo, in 2015 he founded Lanza Atelier with Isabel Martínez Abascal.

Lanza Atelier creates sincere, contemporary and coherent architecture in its immediate context. It is for this reason that, in little time, the office has achieved important successes, like the nomination for the Mies Crown Hall Architecture Prize for Emerging Architects from the Technology Institute of Illinois. They have also been selected as finalists in the X Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura. They have also won the honorable mention in the 2016 Pabellón Eco competition.