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María Isabel Rueda

64 pp.
ISBN: 9789584693372

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NOSCE TE IPSUM. Know yourself—a famous phrase inscribed on the pediment of the temple of Apollo in Delphi. Aphorism attributed to so many Greek sages that, finally, it ended up being said among people it was a sentence that descended “from the sky”. NOSCE TE IPSUM is the book of eternal endings. Every time you consult, like an oracle, a book ends, prompting the consultant to rebuild the beginning, or to resign themselves to live always in the end, leaving as the only sensible option to wake up to the eternal present. For those who rely on the faithful company of a book to understand and rewrite the story of their life, this exemplar, as a pythoness, will become a bedside book to be started or concluded infinitely, and invoke in this way the power of the Instant.