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Notebook On Time


112 pp.
ISBN: 978-607-96255-2-8

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This book was created to accompany the exhibition Citizen Culture: Art and Architecture Shape Policy in the Santa Monica Museum of Art. It is an editorial project that came about in response to the complexity of representing and interpreting the processes and evolution of projects that transcend art and politics presented in the exhibition. To explore this border, a compilation of artists’ and architects’ words have been extracted from interviews, publications, videos, archives and other materials gathered during two years by Lucía Sanromán, the curator of the exhibition.

Lucía Sanromán, independent curator and writer. Her research work is focused on social practice and exploring art and its relationship with disciplines outside of art. Between 2006 and 2011 she was the associate curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego where she organized numerous expositions. She participated in the SITAC XI conference: estar-los-unos-con-los-otros (to-be-with-one-another) in Mexico City in 2013. The Notebook on Time project was carried out in the framework of the Curatorial Fellowship that she received from the Warhol Foundation in 2012 for Citizen Culture: Art and Architecture Shape Policy, exposition and research organized by the Santa Monica Museum of Art in September 2014. Lucía was also the curator of inSite: Cuatro ensayos de lo público sobre otro escenario (Four Essays of the public on another scenario) for La Tallera in April 2014. And in July 2014 she was curator, along with Candice Hopkins, Irene Hofmann and Janet Dees, of SITElines 2014: Unsettled Landscapes, the bienal of SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico.

José Falconi is a member of the History of Art and Architecture department at Harvard University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literature in 2010. He contributes to various magazines as a writer, editor and photographer and he has curated more than twenty expositions of emerging Latin American artists’ work. Falconi’s latest book, Ad Usum/To be Used: The Works of Pedro Reyes, was published in December 2014.

Through his office, Buró—Buró Jorge Munguía works to generate cultural design projects, creating audiences and debate around the idea of contemporary culture as an agent of change. Through collaborations with independent organizations, museums, foundations and public institutions he develops publishing projects, digital platforms, pavilions, campaigns to generate participation and workshops. In 2008, he co-founded Pase Usted, a civil association for generating debate around the future of Mexico through public and multidisciplinary forums. Previously, he has also worked as the educative curator of the Museo Tamayo and participated in the Proyecto de Educación de Documenta XI (Kassel). He co-curated expositions in the New Museum of New York and in the Museum of the City of Mexico as well as participating in the Trienal de Arquitectura of Lisbon.