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Pequeña biblioteca de conocimiento frívolo y ocioso

Catalina Jaramillo Quijano


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Perhaps one of the most important patrimonial discoveries of the last century has been the Little Library of Frivolous and Idle Knowledge which, although brief, accounts for light and barely cultivated knowledge.

Among the found volumes, designed at the time to satisfy the curiosity of those little ones with restless minds, eight copies of the missing Disturbing Children Editorial highlights. In the same way, the twenty-one volumes of an anonymous encyclopaedia that, since its first edition, induced unrest in the reader’s homes stands out due to the noble work of compiling answers on topics ranging from ‘Philosophy, what for?’ to ‘Hedonistic vocabulary’, to applicable Methods of deception and Diurnal readings for insomniacs.

Whoever approaches the books of this library will instantly feel an almost mystical outburst, followed by Stendhal Syndrome type tremors. Exactly the same reaction the first readers of The autobiography of the other had, an incunable book and part of this short collection of light and ceaseless understandings.