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The Man Who Disappeared

François Bucher

joségarcía ,mx

304 pp.

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A project by artist François Bucher made for Art Basel Miami, The Man Who Disappeared is a cryptic document that tries to create a relationship between a hidden writer and the reader, an eerie link even though almost direct. With a title taken from a Kafka posthumous tale, and the construction of a space that leaves the reader with unresolved doubts and unsettled, the publication gets close to the mystery of a disappeared man in Mexico in the year 1994. Through vague instructions and virgin pages the reader confronts his/her own will.

The artistic practice of François Bucher (b. 1972 in Cali, Colombia) engages with themes related to the construction of power, history and politics. His works expose an interest in the concept of representation and the relation between the construction of images and language, and the reality they refer to. During the artistic process Bucher refers to scientific as well as mystic approaches to the world such as shamanism, thus blurring the line between the ordinarily accepted models of truth and superstition. His interest in representation promotes questions on particular ethical articulations, such as the association between violence and the image of violence.