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The Pursuit of Legible Policy

Iván Abreu | Jon Ardern | Roberto Ascencio | Sofía Bosch | Jorge Camacho | Sergio R. Coria | Laura Ferrarello | Gyorgyi Galik | Carlos Gershenson | Gabriella Gómez-Mont | Begoña Irazabal | Anab Jain | Vytautas Jankauskas | Pablo Kobayashi |John Lynch | Dan Lockton | Leticia Lozano | Isaac Serrano | Rodrigo Téllez | Anastasia Vikhornova


221 pp.
ISBN: 978-607-96255-5-9

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Given the complexity of urban landscapes, legible policy has emerged as an important aim for urban laboratories, suggesting ways to increase citizen participation, heighten impact of policy decisions, allow for greater inclusion in political processes and stimulate citizens’ agency.

This publication is the result of a binational collaboration in which urban laboratories from London and Mexico City worked together to identify and propose tools and methodologies to make policy legible. The project was supported by the Newton Fund, the British Council, IIMAS – UNAM and CONACyT.