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Pabellón Eco 2018 Disc

TO Arquitectos


  • 500.00 MXN

The Eco 2018 Pavilion is the eighth edition of the architecture competition that, since 2010, has promoted contemporary architecture through a temporary construction within the courtyard of the Eco Experimental Museum. During the two month installation, the pavilion hosts activities open to the public. The current edition stemmed from the idea of ​​»pure architecture,» as proposed by this year’s curator, architect Isaac Broid.

Campanario, the winning project by TO Arquitectos, creates a flexible space constructed from rebar and circular copper plates, handmade by artisans in Michoacán, installed in such a way that they create a partial roof over the patio. In turn, this device becomes a musical instrument that broadens the spectrum of architectural work and establishes a relationship with viewers through interaction with the structure of particular simplicity in its artisan manufacture.

The funds from the sale of the discs will be used to support programs at the Eco Experimental Museum as well as the community of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, where the discs were produced.